About Security

Technology is mission-critical to UMBC supporting its teaching, research, and administrative operations. DoIT is responsible for providing a safe and resilient computing environment in which to support those efforts.

Damian Doyle ’99, M.S. ’16, is the Interim Chief Information Security Officer. Appointed in 2023, Damian joined the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) as an undergraduate student worker and accepted a full-time position soon after graduating from UMBC in 1999. Damian also continues his role as Associate Vise President, Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions; a role he has had since 2020.

UMBC operates its security program under the security requirements of the USM Board of Regents. Our security program documentation is available for those on campus with a UMBC account.

DoIT works closely with the UMBC Center for Cybersecurity and the UMBC Center for Women in Technology on programs to give cyber scholars real-world experience in cybersecurity by working with the DoIT security team to secure our university.