As COVID-19 is quickly changing our lives, it is essential that we remain vigilant against scams, hackers, and phishing messages.  People often notice unusual behavior by comparing messages and activity against typical, time-tested behavior.  In our current environment; we are facing unusual and atypical behavior every day.  This flood of atypical behavior provides an opportunity to hackers.

Around the world and at UMBC, the information security community is seeing an increase in attempts to scam people, steal information, and hack into computers.  We need to ensure that we protect our systems and information, while continuing to work together to adjust our lives around COVID-19.

In particular, please be wary of offers, especially unsolicited offers, that involve giving or providing access to:

  • Your personal information
  • Your money
  • Your phone and/or computer
  • Anything else that seems suspicious

If you see any suspicious activity or have any questions about how to secure our environment and information, please contact