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Phishing scam exploits Black Lives Matter

Don't Click On Unrecognized Attachments

Forbes posted an article of a phishing attack discovered by Abuse.ch. This attack is using a Black Lives Matter-themed email phishing campaign with the goal of having readers unknowingly install malware. The attack is said to be sending out emails with the subject “Vote anonymous about ‘Black Lives Matter’ ”. 

The email is said to contain the statement: “Leave a review confidentially about Black Lives Matter… Claim in the attached file”. If the reader clicks on the attached file it will install known at "Trickbot" onto the reader's device. 

If you do receive any email that you suspect is a scam, please do not click on any URL or reply. Either of those actions confirms to the sender that your email address is valid. As well please do not click on or download any attachments from suspicious emails, this action could put your device at risk. Please forward the message (with the email headers) to security@umbc.edu

How do I forward full email headers?


For more information, please check out: 



The image as well as original tweet from abuse.ch can be found at: 



Posted: July 13, 2020, 4:30 PM