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For specific departments and individuals, UMBC provides a training program provided by KnowBe4, administered by the Division of Information Technology. These training modules help us to fulfill federal and state audit requirements, and provide good general knowledge on information about a variety of topics in information technology security. Our testing has shown these hand-picked topics to be timely, relevant, and informative.

This training incorporates several user roles, and those roles have been assigned based on type of sensitive data and level of access to which the user has been granted. Not everyone will get the same training, but the training should be appropriate to specific job functions. If you believe modules have been assigned in error, please contact your supervisor or

These training modules vary in length, averaging about 15 minutes each.  They may be started and stopped at any time, and do not have to be all completed in one sitting.  The link below will lead to the courses available.

KnowBe4 Training