Report a Security Concern

We take the security of our students, faculty, staff, and guests very seriously at UMBC. In order to facilitate the security of our users and their accounts, the following steps should be taken in the event of unusual account activity.

If you suspect some form of malicious activity on your account, whether that be phishing emails, possible account compromises, or anything that you deem to be suspicious, please forward the original emails to Along with this, we request that you send the full headers for the emails in question within the same forwarded message. Directions for how to locate and send these headers can be found at the UMBC support wiki Reports of suspected malicious activity can also be reported to the TSC, who will then forward related tickets to the Security group.

Additionally, if you are not a student, faculty, or staff from UMBC, and you are receiving phishing and/or spam emails from a UMBC account, please follow the directions above. Your report will also be investigated and addressed.


UMBC Request Tracker (RT)